Kon. Wilhelminaplein 29 N20 (2024)

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Kon. Wilhelminaplein 29 N20

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  • 44.4 m 2
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Important: (Income) requirements apply when booking this residence. Please check the requirements below.

  • €1,180.00 excl. *Conditions apply. See price details.
  • Available per Per direct beschikbaar

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  • €1,180.00 per month excl.*
  • Per Per direct beschikbaar


Kon. Wilhelminaplein 29 N20

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Building nameWFC Lofts (More about building)
AddressKon. Wilhelminaplein 29 N20 (Show on map)
More about location
Residence typeStudio
Living area44.4 m2
Max. occupantsTwo (only couples)
Private outside area
Pets allowed
Location in building
View from residence
Inventory list Download
Energy labelB
More about this residence
Type of contract
Minimum stay12 months
See requirements
Basic rent€1,180.00
See price details

About residence

Stay at WFC Lofts
A comfortable and stylish home just within walking distance from Amsterdam Lelylaan station. Located at a prime spot in the international fashion business district of Amsterdam, WFC Lofts houses a total of 294 rental homes in different layouts and sizes, spread over 13 floors. Looking for a new home in our capital? Discover why this studio is a perfect stay.

You enter this studio in its hallway. Come home to an open kitchen and lounge space that’s ready for relaxation. Thanks to the large windows, you can enjoy a wide view of Amsterdam right from your living room!

The white-colored kitchen with oak look countertop is fully equipped. It includes all essential appliances, kitchen and tableware. The overhead cabinets ensure you’ve got enough space to bring your favorite cups and mugs. The expandable dining table optimizes space usage.

Your sleeping area is separated from the living area by a room divider. The bedroom area includes a comfy bed and closet space.

The bathroom features a shower, sink with mirror, and toilet. The wall tiles with a natural stone look give the bathroom a modern look.

Mixing original architecture – like the industrial ceiling, with Scandinavian furnishings makes this studio a stylish place to rent. The neutral color palette helps to create a bright and airy interior, and allows you to decorate the space up to your own taste.

What’s included
Move in as easy as 1-2-3. This home is fully furnished, meaning all furniture and essentials you need during your stay are included. Handy! Your kitchen has a dishwasher, induction plate, fridge, and combi oven.

Good to know

  • Fully furnished (excluding linen)
  • Light wood-look laminate flooring installed
  • All walls finished in white
  • Fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher
  • Internet and TV included

Shared spaces at WFC Lofts
Meet your neighbors on the shared rooftop terrace and be guaranteed of amazing panoramic views over Amsterdam.

WFC Lofts also features a shared laundry facility with washing machines and dryers. As a resident, you can safely park your bike in the bike shed.

It is possible to rent a parking spot at WFC Amsterdam car park. This parking garage is located behind the building. A year pass will cost you €3,000 incl. VAT. The car parking of WFC is managed by the general management of the World Fashion Center (not by Holland2Stay), more details can be found here.


Amsterdam’s city center can easily be reached by either public transport or by bicycle. The building is located 650m from the station Amsterdam Lelylaan. Besides a diversity of shops, supermarkets, and several restaurants nearby, you can find the beautiful and serene city park Rembrandt Park within a short walk.

Additional facilities and services
In and near World Fashion Center you can also make use of other facilities provided by our partners:

  • PIN / deposit facility
  • Internet service
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee Corner
  • Shop design interior
  • Shop and showroom decoration
  • Event technology
  • Publicity agency
  • Modeling agency
  • Post office
  • Transport company
  • Barbershop
  • Dentist
  • Fitness center
  • Photo studio
  • Fashion Hotel
  • Child Day Care
  • Supermarket

General requirements

It's not possible to book this residence if you've been a tenant at WFC Lofts before with a short-stay contract (max. one year).

To rent this residence, you have to register in the Basisregistratie Personen (Personal Records Database) at the municipality.

Income requirements
• Working professional

You can book this residence as a working professional.

Your gross monthly income (including the average bonuses, allowances and holiday payments), should be at least:

Gross monthly income

Booking as a couple? Your joint income is the highest income plus 50% of the second income

Gross monthly income expat (30% tax ruling)

Booking as a couple? Your joint income is the highest income plus 50% of the second income


To verify your income, you need to upload your employment contract and 3 recent salary slips after booking.

Dutch young professionals can be guaranteed by parent(s). Reach out to us to discuss your options.

• Temporary agency worker

As a temporary agency worker, you can only book if you've been working for your agency for more than 52 weeks (Fase B or Fase C). Note that having a secondment contract doesn't guarantee that we accept your booking. We'll evaluate your case to determine if you're eligible to book. Contact us at info@holland2stay.com to check if you can book this residence.

• Self-employed or own business

We need additional information to determine if you’re eligible to book. Reach out to info@holland2stay.com to discuss your possibilities.

• Any doubts?

Please contact us at info@holland2stay.com for more details.

Price details

Please see the overview below for all the details on pricing of this residence:

Monthly rent
  • €1,180.00
  • €31.00
  • This includes an advance payment for the cleaning and energy costs of the common areas, the caretaker, and other service and maintenance costs. Every year in July, we will send a settlement bill of the service costs from the previous year.

  • €208.00
  • This includes an advance payment for water, heating, electricity, flooring, curtains, lights, furniture, internet & TV. Every year in July, we will send a settlement bill of the utility costs from the previous year.

  • €1,419.00
  • €1,500.00
  • In order to confirm your booking, you need to pay €200. This amount serves as a partial deposit payment. You need to pay the remainder of deposit after signing your contract
Housing allowance
  • Housing allowance is a subsidy provided by the government to residents on a low income with a relative high rent. Read more

  • No
Kon. Wilhelminaplein 29 N20 (2024)
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