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Hello @paw1. We have a great Osteoporosis support group where you can meet other members who are sharing their experiences with different solutions for their bone loss.

The link to the group is: Osteoporosis and Bone Health:

I’ve also posted a link to just one of many conversations in that group where you’ll meet members such as @naomid @artscaping @teb @windyshores and many others who are also concerned about their bone health. I think this one will be of particular interest to you.

~Has anyone improved bone density without meds?

Are you taking any medications for you arthritis? What has your bone doctor suggested for you osteoporosis?

Bone Broth » Mayo Clinic Connect (2024)


What does Mayo Clinic say about bone broth? ›

Bone broth is a good choice to include in your diet along with all the other foods that fight inflammation. Organic chicken or beef bone broths (or make your own) have many beneficial nutrients that will help improve bones and joints, along with all the other benefits.

Is there any evidence that bone broth is good for you? ›

Consuming bone broth can help reduce inflammation and build muscle when combined with daily exercise. Several popular claims about the benefits of bone broth may be overstated. So far, we don't have scientific evidence that bone broth can relieve joint pain, make skin firmer, improve digestion, or strengthen bone.

What does Dr kellyann say about bone broth? ›

Dr. Kellyann's bone broth is packed full of clean, grass-fed protein. Her convenient and easy on-the-go bone broth powders have 16 grams of protein in every serving, which can help you burn stubborn belly fat by keeping you feeling fuller for longer.

How long does it take to notice benefits of drinking bone broth? ›

"If you're trying to get the benefits of bone broth, it makes sense to eat a serving of it daily over the course of six to eight weeks to assess the benefits," Dr. Means says.

Are there any negatives to bone broth? ›

“While bone broth can be a nutritious addition to the diet and is generally considered safe to consume, there are some concerns that should be noted,” Wohlford says. These include the risk of consuming too many heavy metals, which can seep into the broth from the animal bones during the cooking process.

What is the healthiest bone broth to buy? ›

The healthiest bone broth on the market is the Organic bone broth made by Bluebird Provisions because it is the highest protein with 12 grams with 300 mg potassium and no added filler ingredients. It is also low in sodium and tastes absolutely delicious.

What happens if you drink bone broth every day? ›

The Bottom Line. Consider incorporating bone broth into your regular routine for its many benefits, including reduced inflammation, improved bone health, better joint support and a healthier gut.

Is drinking store bought bone broth good for you? ›

The bones used to make commercial broth may contain high levels of heavy metals, which could make their way into the broth. However, homemade or store-bought bone broth levels are very low and unlikely to cause health problems.

What is healthier than bone broth? ›

Vegetable Broth: Vitamins and Energy

And with all those vitamins yet 0.0 grams of fat and only 55 calories, Freja vegan broth is perfect for a diet focused on nutrient-dense foods. While vegetable broth isn't high in carbs by any means, it does have a few more carbohydrates than bone broth, which is very low in carbs.

Why do I feel weird after drinking bone broth? ›

According to some studies, bone broth may be high in glutamate. Glutamate may cause adverse effects such as anxiety, restlessness, low energy, mental exhaustion, sleeplessness, and concentration problems, although there is no scientific evidence to prove this.

Does bone broth get rid of belly fat? ›

Bone broth may help you lose belly fat because it helps you lose weight. However, it is almost impossible to spot reduce fat . Meaning you cannot specifically target the fat in a specific area to lose. Your body will lose it throughout your frame.

Do doctors recommend drinking bone broth? ›

"There's no evidence that bone broth has greater health benefits than any other broths," says L.J. Amaral, a clinical dietitian in the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute Patient and Family Support Program. "At the same time, if my patients are consuming it in moderation, then I don't have a problem with it."

Is Swanson bone broth real bone broth? ›

Swanson® Chicken Bone Broth is crafted from real chicken bones and the perfect mixture of vegetables and herbs. Elevate your dishes with the full-bodied flavor from naturally-occurring collagen protein* or heat and sip as a warm beverage as an alternative to other hot drinks.

Should I drink bone broth in the morning or at night? ›

The best time to drink bone broth is in the morning, however bone broth nutrients can help settle, soothe and ease digestion all throughout the day.

Is 1 cup of bone broth enough? ›

Thankfully, the collagen and amino acids in bone broth are incredibly beneficial for joint aches and pains. While everyone is different, we've seen customers rave about joint pain disappearing with regular bone broth consumption. To see benefits for joints and cartilage, we suggest drinking 2-4 cups of broth per day.

What happens when you drink bone broth every morning? ›

The quickest way to get 15 grams of protein in the morning is with bone broth. Protein in the morning is shown to prevent body fat gain and reduce daily calorie intake throughout the day (5). You also might notice increased physical and mental energy, thanks to the locked-in amino acids.

Is store-bought bone broth healthy? ›

The bones used to make commercial broth may contain high levels of heavy metals, which could make their way into the broth. However, homemade or store-bought bone broth levels are very low and unlikely to cause health problems.

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